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History and Heritage: Kellan to Burg, Ulva and Gometra

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Welcome to the Ulva School Archive

Photo of schoolchildren

This page allows access to a digitised version of the Ulva School archive which was carefully assembled by Mrs M Douglass who was teacher at the school for many years as well as being a respected local historian.

All the images of the archive have been placed in Dropbox galleries and they can be viewed via the links below, which will open in a new window. It may be useful to note the following points:

  • There may be duplicates of some images or parts of images, generally to help with legibility.
  • Not all the images are labelled and so if you have some information on any do please get in touch.
  • Some individual images have been added to other theme galleries and more may be added as appropriate, but we want to also keep the school archive together. 
  • Not everything in the archive has been added yet- for instance if some images require processing to be legible/clear - but they will be added over time.
  • School Archive 2 should have more easily viewed images. 
  • There is also a collection of slides in the archive which have yet to be digitised.

School Archive 1

School Archive 2