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History and Heritage: Kellan to Burg, Ulva and Gometra

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About This Archive

Recollection of someone who got married at Ulva School in 1918The aim of this archive (funded by the All Our Stories stream of the Heritage Lottery Fund) is to document and preserve the ever changing story of the people who have lived or live from Kellan Cottage to Burg, including Ulva & Gometra, Ulva Ferry and Torloisk.

The collection and digitisation of the material has all been done by volunteers who gave their time without charge and we hope that this archive will be extended as other people submit their stories.

Ulva School also participated in the project as they explored their own theme of ‘crofting’ and also worked on the Gaelic on Mull Project.

The contributions include a video of a celebratory event held at the school. This website makes the digital archive of stories, photos and some audio and video recordings available to a wide audience.

As well as collecting people's stories we visited the Mull Museum to collect information about the area's history and have made digital an extensive school archive assembled by Meg Douglass who, as well being the teacher at Ulva Primary School for many years is also a well-respected local historian and we would like to thank her particularly, not only for assembling the school archive but also for allowing us to digitise it.

If you have any questions please check on the FAQ section of the website or get in touch.