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History and Heritage: Kellan to Burg, Ulva and Gometra

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Information Links

Below you'll find links to some relevant sites.

Supporting Organisations

  • All Our Stories
    The All Our Stories stream of the Heritage Lottery Fund provided funding for the Caolas Ulbha project.
  • Ulva School Community Association
    USCA was our sponsoring organisation. They applied for the funding and offered support and assistance throughout. This support was vital and much appreciated - especially as they too are and entirely volunteer run organisation.

Geneaology Research

  • Scotland's People
    Probably the most useful site for researching any ancestors from Scotland. It does have quite a complex payment method but does have give access to a wide array of sources including the detailed Scottish census records.
  • Ancestry
    This is the most popular site for family history research and has the greatest breadth of sources. It holds emigrant ship records and some immigration records so can be particularly useful if researching family outwith Scotland. Whilst not holding the detailed Scottish census records it will frequently have a summary of those records. Payment is generally through a subscription.
  • Mull Geneaology
    This site can be very ueful for those researching a Mull geneaology.

Mull History

  • Mull Museum
    The history of the Isle Mull is captured in the Mull Museum - a small museum, on Tobermory's colourful waterfront, crammed with information about Mull in the past.

Clan Maclean

  • Clan Maclean
    This site is the online 'home' of the worldwide family of Maclean and their septs.